Every company is in the technology business; whether they want to be or not. This puts pressure on Business owners and IT Professionals to deliver solutions to solve complex challenges and even more pressure on their networks.

At Pacific Wave, we saw these challenges as opportunities. So we made it our own business to deliver the responsiveness and agility that digital transformation demands from your business. With a range of innovative network, communications and collaboration solutions optimized and secured for a cloud-centric, anytime/anywhere world.

Raise you Expectations.

At Pacific Wave we believe that you should expect more from your service provider.  Our mission is to be that partner that responds to unique needs.  A trusted consultant to help transform and elevate your business.  A unique provider that delivers the services you need.


It takes skill and insight to design, deliver and manage innovative cloud driven network solutions. One skill that sets us apart: Listening. The ability to work closely with our customers, build true collaborative partnerships, and respond with agility while delivering solutions tailored to empower them to achieve their ongoing objectives.

We’ve done it for thousands of companies. Solving challenges, not selling services. Moving technology—and businesses—forward.


Network, communications and collaboration solutions are only as good as the network they rely on. That’s why we created our own Trans-Pacific Network architecture, harnessing software defined network intelligence, to deliver the bandwidth, performance and agility required to deliver innovative apps, drive superior experiences, and power anytime, anywhere businesses.


No two businesses are exactly alike, so your network shouldn't be either. Pacific Wave leverages deep experience across industries to deliver what you need, when and where you need it.

We're also focused on another kind of experience, the one we provide our customers. It's part of our culture that shows in us all, from our leadership team to our expert local account teams, to 24/7 tech support.

Facts About Pacific Wave.

Pacific Wave is locally owned and operated right here in Hawaii.

Pacific Wave is 100% Veteran Owned.  Our founder and President is a former Marine who served in Desert Storm.