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With the extensive use of cloud services, businesses are more reliant than ever on network services. Without a dependable connection, a company can come to a halt: CRM tools, enterprise email, accounting systems, file sharing, and other cloud-based applications that power everyday business become inaccessible. This puts pressure on network connections, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Most customers believe that if they get two separate carriers, they are diverse. The reality is that most telecom services enter a building through the same conduit or connection method. So in most cases when one carrier goes out in a location, so does the other. Common Infrastructure conduit that holds all of the fiber optic cables in an area also house multiple fiber carriers. Because of this, when a fiber break happens multiple carriers are usually affected.

The addition of specialized hardware that allows for fail-over routing is expensive. When a break happens, if you’re lucky enough to have your second carrier not affected, there is always a slight network failure or loss of specific systems because of the re-homing of the new IP address used.

With all of these factors in mind, Pacific Wave created our SinglePoint connections. This connection utilizes the fiber infrastructure; as well as an equal speed, and completely diverse wireless connection. When a fiber or telecom outage happens, your network fails over to the wireless connection in less than 30ms. Moreover, since the connection is built as an engineered redundant link, your public IP never changes. In most cases, a full path outage can happen, and you will never know it because your network will fail-over to the redundant path and your systems will operate as usual.


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Off Site Backup



Pacific Wave has access to all of the fiber optic networks in Hawaii. This access allows Pacific Wave to provide direct fiber optic services across the entire State.


Pacific Wave owns and operates the most reliable and largest Fixed Wireless network in Hawaii. Our Multi-Gigabit Wireless Network can act as a fiber replacement or augment your existing services.


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