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Agent Reseller

The Reseller Agent Program allows Partners with an established customer base the opportunity to sell any combination of the services Pacific Wave offers.  Services are based on Wholesale Pricing and the Reseller Agent adds their own margins to the services. The Reseller adds on our services to help fill gaps for the customer.

  • No Startup Costs
  • Customer Ownership remains with Reseller
  • Pricing Control
  • Added Value Services


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Pacific Wave is creating momentum as the brand expands to trusted local advisors. Pacific Wave has an established portfolio of products and services tailored to the National SMB and Enterprise marketplace, which helps organizations gain efficiencies while reducing costs.




Pacific Wave provides our resorts with fiber Internet connectivity with fixed-wireless backup, point-to-point link, and managed guest network infrastructure including Wi-Fi. They have played a key role in our recent renovations to upgrade our old wireless network and are a trusted business partner.


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Ryan Doi Corporate Director of Information Systems

    Pacific Wave is a valued business partner for the past four+ years. They play a key role helping us bridge our remote job sites onto our corporate network and to provide Internet connectivity to our offices. They can provide service where no one else can. Also, they have an exceptional staff that are great to work with, and are true professionals.

    Stace Kubota Chief Information Officer
      • Pacific Wave provides us is that critical connection to ensure our clients are getting what they’re paying for … which is us monitoring their cameras and making sure their properties are safe and secure. Pacific Wave is extremely reliable, we haven’t had any disruption in data service and it’s extremely cost-effective. I would absolutely recommend Pacific Wave Telecom. From day one they’ve been very professional, they’ve been very responsive, and they’ve been able to custom tailor a solution that meets our needs.


        Pacific Wave is very flexible. Pacific Wave was able to come in, evaluate our needs and provide us with customized solution that was the best fit for our budget. The Pacific Wave service has helped us with our Internet sales and credit card processing. We’re very dependent on a reliable Internet connection. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to service our customers well and we’d lose out on many sales. The Pacific Wave service has definitely helped us with peace of mind knowing that we have a good quality connection and speeds at all times. I was very impressed with the Pacific Wave installation process. Their team was here and did the install in one day. They didn’t disrupt o

        Brandon Lam VP