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Access to the Internet plays a vital role in conducting business today. Users and employers depend on the Internet for applications, collaboration with colleagues, and conducting research. However, the internet can also be the conduit for both inappropriate and malicious activity. Today applications, exploits, and malware are able to slip through the existing traditional firewall, web security gateways, proxies, and IPS security devices. Even controlling legitimate applications can be problematic due to the growing use of evasive technologies such as port hopping, encryption, and proxies. The challenge is to say “yes” to the applications while systematically managing and defending the risks.

Pacific Wave’s IP PROTECT Service is powered by our Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewall that allows us to provide safe access to Internet resources through an innovative approach that identifies and manages traffic. By using the core App-ID™, User-ID™, and Content-ID™ identification technologies, you can establish visibility and control over your traffic using the same business-oriented criteria that you use to define acceptable use. Instead of basing policy on port numbers and IP addresses, take control of your traffic by building security policies based on who can use particular applications while scanning for undesirable or inappropriate content. This helps you to understand what’s on your network by examining all traffic on all ports. The Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall allows you to say “yes” to the applications that your organization needs without introducing unnecessary risks.


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Threat prevention

Threat prevention services that protect the network from viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious traffic can be varied by application and traffic source. IP Protect stops all of these threats.

URL filtering & Malware analysis and reporting

With URL filtering outbound connections can be filtered to prevent access to inappropriate websites. To protect against Malware The WildFire™ security service provides detailed analysis and reporting on malware that passes through the firewall.

Traffic visibility

Extensive reports, logs, and notification mechanisms provide detailed visibility into network application traffic and security events. The Application Command Center (ACC) in the web interface identifies the applications with the most traffic and the highest security risk.


The GlobalProtect™ software provides security for client systems, such as laptops that are used in the field, by allowing easy and secure login from anywhere in the world.


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