Pacific Wave’s On Net Service provides the fastest Internet Speeds to multi-tenant office and multi-purpose buildings. Utilizing our fiber optic and fixed wireless network, we create a high-speed, reliable infrastructure that is second to none.

Powered by our IP WAVE network, Pacific Wave offers the most diverse and redundant Internet service in Hawaii.  At Pacific Wave we are not tied to legacy Trans-Pacific transport.

All Pacific Wave Multi-Tenant locations are dual-served with our Fiber Network, as well as our independent Fixed Wireless Network. This gives your buildings redundancy in the case of any outage.
Select your system

All of Pacific Wave’s services can be independently selected to fit your needs; no bundling necessary. You can choose from an array of services and options, which can be customized to your needs; all without being penalized for your choices.


The customer is priority #1 with Pacific Wave. Reaching live, local support person that can help you resolve your issue is what we believe works for business customer. If you need additional help with your Network, we have an all inclusive Net Plus System which we install and configure to your specifications.


Symmetrical speeds, Reliable Performance!


Symmetrical Internet

Speeds from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps

Same upload as download

Redundant design, so you stay connected.

Voice Services
Analog or VOIP

Analog Service

VOIP Services

VOIP PBX Services

Additional Options

Managed Network


OTT TV Service


Dedicated Internet Service (DIA) is a private connection between an ISP and the customer’s premises. This means that the bandwidth you purchase is for your use only; there are no other users sharing the connection so the speed advertised is the speed you get.

Shared Internet Access (SIA)  is where users of a service share facilities in order to save money. This is the typical residential Internet model, whereby a number of consumers access a Internet connection and the bandwidth of that connection is shared between them.  Shared bandwidth generally has an "up to" disclaimer in the package selection.

Pacific Wave only sells Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).

No, Pacific Wave will place some equipment at your site to enable you to receive our services. You will not need to purchase or lease this equipment. This equipment will remain the property of Pacific Wave and will be maintained by our technicians.

Installation generally takes 2-5 hours for business Internet services – depending on your location and type of installation required.

We can usually install services within 3-10 days from when we receive a completed order from you. Special circumstances may delay service provisioning, such as some complex dedicated high-speed connections and/or difficult installation environments, etc.

Standard Installation includes the following:

Installation of Pacific Wave’s Equipment

Basic Mounting Hardware

Up to 250 feet of Ethernet cabling, with no more than 100 feet inside the building

Up to 3 hours of technician time for cable routing work

Extra setup or installation fees may apply for unusual installation requirements. Our installation technician will discuss the installation requirements and plans before installing your new service.


No upfront costs. No costly purchases. 24 x 7 on island support.